A piece of Austrian beverage culture in China!

PFANN first1Document1a 2 PFANN first18Pfanner product range 2015 PFANN PDF13Pfanner_China_2015When we were young, I mean very young, and we were thirsty, we have chosen the “Schartner Bombe” – the one and only refreshing drink now with over 80 years of history.

Now, even in China, we can feel “refreshed” again. For the first time “Schartner Bombe” is in China available online at www.JD.HK !!!

But not only “Schartner”, also “Frankenmarkter”, another brand from Austrian beverage group STARZINGER, is online at www.JD.HK available with its mineral waters and lemonades.

Try out “Frankenmarkter Actiwell” with only 2-5 calories/100ml or “Frankenmarkter Vitamin Apple” or the sugarfree lemonades.

Refreshing drinks for the whole family!


The Austrian beverage industry is also well known around the globe for one of the top 5 European producers of fruit juices, ice teas and freshly brewed teas: the family-managed company PFANNER, with a history since 1856. Located in the West of Austria, PFANNER is also now available on www.JD.HK in China with almost the full range of products.

The range of products includes 0,2l Tetra-Prisma pack with straw, 0,5l PET bottles and up to 2l with screw top packaging. From BIO juices to freshley brewed green, red, white and yellow teas, there is something for everybody in the family.

Enjoy !!


Austrian wines with big potential in Korea at Seoul Food, May 2015

The 2015 edition of Seoul Food+Hotel has proven, that Austrian wines and Austrian food in general, is on a promising growth level. After a declining 2014, the Korean economy is recovering again and we had much appreciated interest in our products imported from Austria. Specially the dry red wines and the sweet white wines from winery Landauer received major applause for their quality.

We will be back in Seoul in a few weeks for an official and on invitation only wine tasting, offering the whole portfolio of our Austrian wines at the fantastic Cafe/Restaurant “Molinari” – http://www.shinyangent.co.kr/main/



More Austrian brands and F&B products to China together with Jingdong (JD.com)!

During his official state visit to Beijing on March 26, 2015, Austrian Federal President        Dr Heinz Fischer congratulates us for the initial agreement of a long term co-operation between Jingdong (JD.com) and Liside Trading Co., Ltd. to bring more Austrian consumer brands and F&B products to China.

Federal President of Austria, Dr Heinz FischerFrom left to right: General Manager, Gerd Saalfrank of Liside Trading Co., Ltd.; Austrian Federal President Dr Heinz Fischer; President of Austrian Federal Economic Chamber,   Dr Christoph Leitl; Vice President of Jingdong (JD.com), Jerome Ma.

Austrian Embassador to China, Irene Giner-Reichl

From left to right: Austrian Ambassador to China, Dr Irene Giner-Reichl, Vice President of Jingdong (JD.com), Jerome Ma and General Manager, Gerd Saalfrank of Liside Trading Co., Ltd.


Austria’s Wine Harvest 2014 – A Year of Intense Work

Mother Nature’s weather performance this year was not exactly favourable to the Austrian winemakers. The optimistic forecast generated by a mild Winter and warm Spring were somewhat marred by low precipitation during the Winter and drought-like conditions until April. Then came the rain. The wettest May since 1820 was also cooler than the long-term average. Nevertheless, the warmth at the beginning of the year and good weather during flowering provided a fine head start for the vegetation period. However, following a heat wave in early June, the Summer sun was not plentiful and there were high amounts of rainfall – all of which slowed up the earlier robust start to the vegetation period. Hopes for good harvest weather in September were dashed. The frequent rainfall increased the threat of rot and led to significantly more hours of work in the vineyard. It was necessary to check the health of the grapes constantly in order to make a good harvest selection. Accordingly, utmost attention and expertise were required also in the cellar. The result: a very fruity, fresh and easy-drinking vintage awaits us! The only downside is that the 2014 harvest, with an estimated 2.14 million hectolitres as of the end of October, is again well below the 10-year average.

(reported by Austrian Wine Marketing Board)